Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2017

When someone asked the question,~by Romeo Twentyseventeen



When someone asked the question,

When someone asked the question,
“if you die today, do you know where you’ll go?”
some immediately say “heaven”,
others like me just say “I don’t really know?”
And to my beautiful significant other,
with a heart so huge and pure,
she pondered it for days and days,
till finally she said, “babe, I’m not sure”,
The thought of not getting into heaven,
sent her spiraling down worried and afraid,
you gotta have faith in your decisions,
and all of the choices you’ve made,
listen I said, I’ve done some good,
long, long ago, in the past,
and I’m thinking maybe, just maybe,
I may have earned a pass,
So I’ll check with the “Big Guy”,
to see if you can have it,
I’m sure HE won’t mind, I mean,
if we ask Him nicely, granted,
So go on now, dear,
rest your weary head,
if you don’t get you a pass,
you can have mine instead,
She said, you’d do that for me?
“Of course, its gonna be okay,
it wouldn’t be much of a heaven,
if You weren’t there anyway”


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