Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2017

Mystical Scenery~by Hela Tekali



Mystical Scenery

I like to hear the chirping of the cricket and the twittering of birds,
Throbbing their wings on the top of boughs making their melodious voices heard

I adore seeing the fluttering of white butterflies,
Palpitating their wings with a gesture resembling twinkling eyes

I love to feel the crowing of the rooster waking up my dozed eye at dawn,
Giving me morale as a booster

I’m fond of the smelling of the green, lively grass refreshing my bad temper ,
Bringing it a thought of relieving solace

I yearn at the sight of yellow bees ,
Fluttering their wings in the newly blossomed trees,
Gently harvesting their nectar from the roses in bloom turning it into sheer ecstasy
I wish my pure soul could mingle with that resplendent mystical scenery appeasing my dull,
Stressful mood; bringing it a gentle air with the scent of roses that looks so balmy

Escaping from the absurd virtual world,
Strangling my entrapped soul with its chained cord

I need to free my chained soul,
To turn it into a mystical whole

To flee the world of the NETWORK,
To fuse it with the joyful natural ARTWORK

To feel how it looks like being naturally and spiritually addicted,
Than to be virtually and painfully inflicted

What a mystical air entertaining my revived soul
Detaching it from the dreadful web,
With its entangled maze so cruel;
Stinking out its perversity in full

Written by Jenayah Hela


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