Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2017

“The music of his heart”~by Payal Sunandan



“The music of his heart”

I have heard the music of his heart,
Solicited by him, the symphony pleased or not,
I said the music is loud, such a war like sound,
Transitions so abrupt, in splits of a lone moment,
Like an outburst of a dam, it speaks of turbulence.

Symphony is to ease; this one emulates human screech,
Looks like man just wants to seize, but I want only peace,
Not that I do not admire it, but it solely frightens me,
It frightens you my Queen?
Yes my King, passion can be a frightening thing!

Inspired by: Beethoven’s Eroica, 1804
(Symphony no:3 based on Napoleon Bonaparte)


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