Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2017

The nurse~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by Aarti…please get well soon…missing you !



The nurse

She wears her best smile with tears in her eyes
as she looks at you
feigning fear in her eyes
she knows you have little time
yet she infuses courage in your life
loving you in her care caring you with her life
for she is the Florence Nightingale of life
carrrying the lamp of life
In her delicate hands infusing love
as she goes lighting life with life
she has her own needs yet helping others in her life
her wants needless
as she trudges long tired steps
running up and down
saving others lives
selfless as she runs
greetings doctors in her smile
as they turn to her
answering their questions right
in her pulse our pulse
In our heart resting her smile
in quick measured steps
measuring the heartbeat of life

In her unrelenting struggle
take life in her stride

tired no time to rest
to put up her feet in life
a feat accomplished
as doctors turn to her for advice

holding the hand of life
she watches you as you helplessly walk
slowly regaining coaxing you to alight
climbing the steps of life
Always encouraging
in your fear helping you to fight life
herself a victim of life she keeps her pain aside
carefully hidden from the world inside

a baby left alone at home
to take care of her patients baby as he cries
hugging holding him closely to her bosom
to let his mother sleep awhile
her own sleep to loose
to wipe the pain of others eyes
as she wipes the nappies deftly
in hands that never tire fixing life
in her love unrelinquishing
in her loves strength to hold our cries
wiping life with her tears hiding her own tears
she’s our life
in her we rise too to hold our life in the arms of life
for she is our god
In her God lives his life


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