Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2017

From Hope To Despair~by Sanjib Das



From Hope To Despair

Whether a girl or a boy with mind full of dreams and hopes
If born under darkened shadow of poverty
Scared by tubers of loss
Forced into penance of child labour , chilblain resulted in hand and foot
Where work demands whip very hard
Heavy burdens of carrying loads in painful tons
Bending the spines to buckle
Life builds brick by brick
Moment by moment monumental task
Childhood dreams are shattered
Bits and pieces no one gathers together
Life means a race blindfolded
Snatched away right to blissfully breathe and live
Destination eluding in mystic way
When expected to learn lessons through books in school
Sent to the cruel world of work-loads, denied to aspire
To rot in the dungeon of dusty suffocating despair.

All Rights ® Reserved: Sanjib Das


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