Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2017

The Secret Dreams~by Hela Tekali



The Secret Dreams

You are the soft perfume of paradise
Kind, gentle, pure and wise
Your smile looks like a ray of light
Your dreams reach the mountains’ height
When clouds dance barely with the daylight
And the stars intimately flirt with the Moonlight
Do you see the cold Moon hidding to sing its lovely tune
Or the warm stars chanting you a lullaby to croon
You still hide your dreams from my sight
You whisper unspeakable words to the night
Where its ears, lips, eyes, still crave for your delight
You keep your unrequited love as a secret from the gazing eyes
And your sad dreams are doomed to be freak illusions and mere lies
How kind, gentle, pure and wise is your smile
Your innocence is more fragrant than any earthly perfume and more worthwhile.

Jenayah Hela
The Secret Dreams


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