Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2017

Shadow~by Nandita Samanta




Once I was real , but now a shadow
Visible only in falling light or an amber glow
Perspectives in me cry for a reflection !
A radiant sunrise sometimes reveals an abandoned aspiration
That, like a river tried to flow to an unknown destination
Through the lush golden-green meadow,
Moving forward in hitches to avoid stagnation.

Carrying the load of darkness on my shoulder
I still inch my now broken journey forward…
Footing towards the edge of final ledge,
In noon light and twilight I scamper and kedge.
The devil on my shoulder whispers terms of continuance
“Let me down to the ground, bargain your existence
Let me thrive in you, and be your companion
In the beaded blanket of your worldly dreams,
Infuse my darkness in psychedelic elation.”

I live in terms…unpragmatic
Knowingly accept a sombre tomorrow
Just to live…time I borrow.
Zodiac unveils a new moon’s glow…
The mystique beams fall on a dried meadow
Slowly I diminish … grows my dark shadow.

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