Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2017

Knowing your American Heroes ~ Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross,) (1820 –1913) ~ by rldubour

Friday!! Time for an American Hero! Today is:


Knowing your American Heroes


Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross,) (1820 –1913)

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Record keeping was very poor

For slaves in the United States.

Araminta Ross to slave parents

Both birth and death have conflicting dates.

Her fathers name was Ben Ross

Mother was Harriet (“Rit”) Green.

Born in eighteen twenty or twenty-five

Or somewhere in-between.

As a child she was often beaten

Married John Tubman in forty-four.

Changed her name to Harriet

Women’s suffrage she could not ignore.

Escaped to Philadelphia

In eighteen hundred and forty-nine.

Slowly returned to rescue

Her relatives’ one group at a time.

When the U.S. Civil War began

First a cook and then a nurse.

Later was an armed scout and spy

She proved to be quite diverse.

The first woman to lead and armed expedition

A raid on the Combahee River.

Where they liberated seven-hundred slaves

To freedom she did deliver.

Instrumental with the safe-houses

Known as the Underground Railroad.

Helped John Brown recruiting men

For Harpers Ferry a common mode.

Retired in her family home

Where she cared for her aging parents.

Stilled active in women’s suffrage

And fought for more improvements.

When illness overtook her

Up to her last day here on earth.

On March thirteenth, nineteen-thirteen.

To rest in peace with mirth.

Harriet Tubman born Araminta Ross

Was an African American

An Icon in American courage and freedom

An abolitionist and humanitarian.


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