Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2017

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 13th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Saturday the 13th of May.

Prop me up
A little bit higher
Plump up the pillow
Where are my glasses
Let me see
What others make of me
I am weak
Nothing about this situation
Is dignified.
The last vestiges
Disappeared when my
Conjured up the truth
And my cup really
Did runneth over.
The egg on my face
Is a bad joke
In need of a clean-up.
Hear me out
Bend in a little closer
Even my voice
Is harder to find
Than once it was
With slurred words
Falling over each other
In a blind rush
To escape
Before the last breath
Which may well
Smell foul.
It is what happens
When a mouthwash
Is a wet rag
Dragged across my lips
In a hurry
To get away
And a toothbrush
Is an ornament
In a bathroom
Out of reach since
The last fall.
I am glad to see you
Though I forget
Your name
There is a strange familiarity
In your face
It once was mine
Or maybe it belonged
To someone else
Who looked like me
I forget who.
Not to worry
Tell them
That I said hello
Why don’t you.
What did you want
From the cabinet
Take it whatever it was
I have little need of it now
At least
That is what I thought
You said
As you turned away
And wished me dead.


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