Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2017

Happy Mothers Day <3~by Romeo Twentyseventeen



Happy Mothers Day

Momma would kiss my boo boos,
and make everything alright,
She carried me for nine months,
She gave me life.
When God created Man,
He knew something was missing,
and so, on the 8th day…
God created Women.
Man need not be alone,
and so he was pleased,
he raised his hands up,
and fell to his knees!
She can take a beggar,
and make him feel like a King,
She’ll give all of herself,
and never expect a thing,
She can keep a heart,
and take away your pain,
do it all unselfishly,
not for wealth, not for fame,
She is caring and loving,
and always willing to sacrifice,
as mysterious as the universe,
She has the power to bring forth Life,
She always puts her children first,
it’s just her, it’s just her way,
She’s always there when you need her,
take time, and thank your Mother today


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