Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2017

Happy Mothers Day Ladies <3~by Romeo Twentyseventeen



Happy Mothers Day Ladies

I know it aint been easy,
carrying the extra weight,
sometimes you wanna break free,
runaway and escape,
but you’re an adult now,
raising that precious child,
when others criticize you,
just turn your head and smile,
How would they know,
the sacrafices you’ve made,
Where were they,
when there were bills to be paid?
How would they know,
the struggles you’ve been thru?
These people dont give a damn,
and they sho’nuff aint gotta a clue,
they’re quick to open their mouth,
unfairly judge and critcize,
and screw anyone who says otherwise,
You put your child first!
high above everything else,
You’re a damn good mom,
and should be very proud of yourself,
So just keep doin what you’re doin,
and you’re gonna make it through,
be strong in your faith and know,
that God himself is watching over you

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