Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2017

In your words ~ by Nutan Sarawagi



In your words

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In your words
we live your paints to be
on the canvas of life reflecting our pain in me
for if there was no pain where would we be
our happiness in it suffocating me
fill up your hearts in tears desires
to pen those vulnerable moments
in it to hide a pain so deep soaked in me
fill it with desires forever to be
irreversible not reflecting its pain
fill it in a love soaked in a love
insurmountably me
write me in colours of hearts to paint pages of me
fill me in golden letters to see
in it to forever imprinted in times memory to never be
the pain reflecting its pain in me
just be


For all those who wake up each morning and feel obliged to wear the socially imposed garments- the daily mask and the fake smile – before leaving their houses; those grave-like houses where they bury their fears, pains, aches, worries, anger, tears, indignation, frustration, thwarted dreams and broken heart pieces…For those who are imprisoning themselves in the walls of those houses and are unable to tell their bitter stories, unearth their true feelings and untie their tongues… For those suffocated souls who are made to believe that lies and silence are the best remedies…For all of you, there is a poetess and a painter whose souls and muses fused together and took their pen and brush to help you heal your (in)visible wounds and exorcise those haunting ghosts residing in your trespassed bodies by prescribing for you two efficient medicaments- the ink and the canvas – which are available only in their medical center “Le Damier”…


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