Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2017

Turmoil Of Life~by Sanjib Das



Turmoil Of Life
From the distant horizon
Where light is choked from its roots
And wand’ring bark desperately searches
For an ever-fixed mark to save
From the fearful disastrous tempest
The same ocean, the same sky, the same moon
Though invisible now with cover of sheet of dark clouds
How to steer, the captain admits impediments
The day has dimmed since ages
Navigator is at loss for ideas
Opens his eyes of wisdom and shuts it again in distress
Pinches his hand to ensure how real it is
Knowing that the bitter truth mercilessly mocks
Looking for guidance when the ship seems to capsize soon
The Titanic fear engulfs
Life was never so dreadful till the current stings bring unbearable pains
Pains everywhere, unease helplessness scares from all corners
Searching for that magic lamp that will glow like pathfinder’s language of patois.
All Rights ® Reserved by : Sanjib Das


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