Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2017

Claire is a Baltimore mom,~by Romeo Twentyseventeen



Claire is a Baltimore mom,

Claire is a Baltimore mom,
last year she lost her only Son,
the 0fficers weapons were no match,
for a 9 yr old with a plastic toy gun.
Claire knew He was outside playing,
when the sound of gunfire broke the night,
it took nine shots to put Him down…
one bullet for every year of His life.
Some people don’t wanna hear it,
they say “obey commands, heed the warning”,
Really, what if that was your child they were burying,
atop that hill, early Sunday morning?
Treyvon had a hard decision to make….
try to outrun a bullet or stand and fight,
He fought the vigilante with all he had,
it only took one bullet to end his life,
A jury of 12 men and women set him free,
Zimmerman got a taste of fame and glory,
Treyvon paid the ultimate price….
He never got to tell His side of the story.
For some justice may never come….
and when it does, it’s always late,
Police seem to be exempt from persecution,
Citizens are asked to be patient and wait.
Who are these “godlike” super humans?
Who are they to decide who lives or dies?
If all these shootings are truly justified…
why hide evidence and feed us lies?
A special prayer to all the moms,
who have paid the ultimate cost,
nothing will ever bring back,
the children that they’ve lost 😦


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