Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2017

I don’t get it?~by Romeo Twentyseventeen



I don’t get it?

I don’t get it?
You’ve never cared,
what others had to say,
you’ve always stood your ground,
while others just walked away,
you welcome a challenge,
and you love life!
I’ve never seen you,
back down from a fight,
when you see a problem,
you find a way and fix it,
you press forward,
while others are looking for an exit,
Look, I know you’re tired,
we all have our days,
dust yourself off,
and get back in the race,
you’ve had some hard times,
they’ve been few and distant,
you’ve been down before,
this is no different,
Look, I got faith in you,
you’re much stronger than this,
I know a lot of quitters,
but You ain’t on that list,
if no one else will say it,
then let me be the first,
this is NOT you,
babe, you’ve been through worst,
You can do this,
I know you can,
I’m not just your friend,
I’m your biggest fan


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