Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2017

….The Mighty Jargon….~by Blender Magpie



….The Mighty Jargon….

Image may contain: tree and outdoor

Go,get lost in thought,
That inspires,
In precious precepts,
That hold good,
In days buried and days just born,
Where cares expire and curiosity aspires.

Go,have a bath in transparent waters,
That wash away,
In ageless continuity,
Effete elements that block,
Clear visions of progress,
Where there is a will, there is a way.

Go,travel miles onfoot to the east,
That yields beams,
In tired ways,various ways peep,
Here,sheep don’t take the same tracks,
Nor free-will grazes dry twigs in the west,
Where the eve casts shadows in dark seams.

Go,see criss-crosses countering brilliances,
That blind sensory sights,
Views in vicinity in want of wisdoms,
Abilities give in to sensibilities to salute you,
How to hold the torches you bear with you,
Where there is hope,despair darkens its mights.
Vinod Kumar Mishra


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