Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2017

Brothers~by rldubour




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I feel that I am very lucky, way better off than most.

I could not have a better family, I feel it’s time to boost.

If you only have one brother then you know just how I feel.

Then multiply that by nine, not kidding, that’s for real.

Good think I have ten fingers, I’ll put one up for every name.

And if I dare do miss one, I’ll just start again.

From the oldest to the youngest I will keep them all in line.

Will even put my name in when I think it’s time.

Raymond, Ernie and John are the oldest ones.

David, Gerry and Larry only three left then I’m done.

Michael, Tommy and Danny that will be all nine.

I am at the bottom, the youngest of the line.

Today we have eight missing all called from earthly bonds.

They are up in heaven watching the young ones carry on.

If I write about each one I would never finish this.

Just going to say I love them all and love to reminisce.

If anyone was in trouble all right there by their side.

Blood is thicker than water this you can’t deny.

All of us with our own family we all carry on.

Going to part with these words, “Love from Brother Ron.”


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