Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2017

Greedy Old Tories~by Neil Perry



Greedy Old Tories

Greedy old Tories
Living it up like lords,
Forgetting those below them
As they count their hoards,

Ignoring and not seeing
Any way but theirs,
Selfish old Tories
Shrung, and say who cares,

As long as they are happy
Living on their wealth –
Forget about the pauper,
And the National Health;

Money is their idol,
Money is their way,
As long as those below them
Never get their say

On doing things much better,
That is not allowed,
The rotten Tory media
Will brainwash, till your cowed –

And begging them for money,
Scraps to stay alive,
To be a Tory victim
Trying to survive.


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