Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2017

MOM~by Sanjib Das




I peep through window in hours of weariness
In the day to find Gazelles grazing
Branches swinging in glee
Chirping of birds from nearby park so soothing to ears
After daybreak, I find those clouds
Blanketing the Moon, stars and open sky
Hedgerows invisible yet stinging with their restrictions
Youthfulness of landscapes that mind captures
My heart delves for knowledge
Breath absorbs vibrations like melodies of flute.
Despite clouds’ sheets you shine like a full bloom Moon
Eclipsing all those invisible stars eluding sights
Love never denied, the selfless love
Prayers surrounding bed when I used to be in deep slumber as a boy
Shedding tears when father’s whips descended very hard during English lessons
Showered all those love on my girl who accompanied me from school empty stomach
Never expressed the pain of hunger
When my belly was taken full care of
Yet, I always felt your heart was longing for something.
That something I never realized
Till that ill-fated night when you took a final journey
Never to return to me as a spring of joy.
All Rights ® Reserved : Sanjib Das



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