Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2017

MY VISION OF LIFE~by Shalini Singh




I seem to be guided by some insights and visions,
I am unaware of the source and the mission and why l was chosen,
In my dreams appear flashes of my childhood, as years passed l got a clear vision,
As l child l thought that bright angels really existed,
I wished to reach them behold them and believed in their fairy versions,
Every time l fell asleep it was a lovely vision, as l got up the dream faded away,
In my innocence l believed in the true existence of their appearance,
I cried out and believed they would stay and they would listen,
My magical vision was not visible to the eyes of the world,
Whenever l tried to explain it was laughed off as a framework of lies,
The angels had stories to tell that had no beginning no end,
I loved to create that velvet vision, l closed my eyes for that vision,
All my life l waited for someone to share that secret vision of mine,
In my world we lack nothing, whatever we got in life hardly matters, we just listen,
I can still close my eyes and have those mysterious visions,
I can still hear sounds that continue to play at the back of my mind,
Now l seem to be painting those lovely visions as a picture,
I listen to music and somehow those angels want me to listen to them,
Nothing could blur my vision l am lost in my thoughts and visions,
I trust my visions l follow them where they go, they tell me where to go,
I pass through this narrow vision, its not my wisdom, l trust my intuition,
When l ran into you l felt love came in the form
Of a vision,
As l got stuck into the borders of my visions you came to steer me out,
It was not just in my mind l knew you also shared my vision,
Started seeing the world in a new light, you somehow cleared my vision,
You listened to my dreams filled me again with a passion,
I see things with a different version as l
Analyse my visions,
Loss of faith somewhat restored, some voids filled, and wisdom followed,
I hope Life gets a meaningful definition.


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