Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 16, 2017

Fantasy Of An Adolescent~by Sanjib Das



Fantasy Of An Adolescent

Waking up every morning
Counting moments, minutes and hours for English class
Mind’s river continued to flow
Sullen water very scary
Whether days were cloudy, sunny, dark or cold
Soul rushed to that class room
To see that beauty a lady could ever possess at her best
Knew not if that was infatuation
But love appeared in sight in different forms
How could a teacher cast such a strong spell
In mind of an adolescent boy
Temple bell used to ring thousand winter songs
Mind galloped where from and where to
No one there to throw light
That day, when her absence hounded
The secret fear haunted
How could such an angelic beauty be so severely sick
But, alas, the curtain dropped finally
Sadness started flowing through every vein
Fantasy of a hero’s role curtailed, heroine vanished from scene abruptly
Lights on, the auditorium had never looked so hostile
Darkness descended on mind, on thoughts and on this world of total futility.
All Rights ® Reserved : Sanjib Das


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