Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2017

A STORY~by Shalini Singh




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I started to write a story and l think a part of it is done,
l am dull eyed, l need to take a break before l again begin,
In my story, the memories and thoughts l cherished all through my life, shine,
I know its a long one it will not end soon, though I wish to put an end to what l began,
Life taught a lesson, nothing ever ends, everything just begins,
The sun that sets everyday doesn’t end, it rises every morning and a new day begins,
I may be stained with grief and sorrow now but l think healing will soon begin,
I feel peace in my heart, I think the process of healing has begun,
Though l have an idea that the woes will end but l am curious to know how its done,
I seem to running away from life but actually l ran away from myself,
The taste of joy l had, how i wish l could treasure it for ever ,
It reminds me of a spot in life when and where l left, l wish to begin once again from there,
It might seem to be an end of the time, but for me the time has just begin,
I already got a hint in my dream that though it seems to end, it will soon begin,
How and when l seem to have left everything on him, it is up to him to align,
I see it as something so divine, my thoughts and beliefs are impossible to malign,
Nothing happens perchance its a sign, life is such a great design,
I thing its time for me to search for a spot where hope and despair intertwine,
The letters in my words align to form a story that speaks of this mystery,
I wish to relive everything left behind ,my life seems to be on rewind,
I seem to get a clue to arrange the pieces of puzzles of life,
I hope l figure it out soon and my life be framed into a new design,
These intricate things are not in my hands so l continue with my story, l need to refine,
With love comes mystery, is this your story or mine?

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