Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2017

Our Love:~by Mohammed Michael Harfoush



Our Love:

Forgive me for my trespasses, my dear.
I knew not what’d become my greatest fear;
The thought of losing you became too much—
The longing for your kiss, your breath, your touch.

Our passion faded into the abyss—
Forever, will it be something I miss.
I can’t replace the feelings it brought forth.
I’m like a ship that’s veered off of its course.

I beg that you’ll have mercy when you find
That I’m just as confused as when a child
Injures itself on something that it thought
Was beautiful yet, somehow, caused it harm.

Our love was dangerous, exciting, true.
Our love was something fresh, enticing, new.
Our love was fierce. Our love was reckless—strained.
Our love’s something never to be regained.

Our love could conquer almost all it faced.
Our love tried to triumph o’er our disgrace.
Our love put up a fight for us, it’s true,
But our love was no match for me and you.

© 2017 Mohammed Michael Harfoush


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