Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2017

If I could fly~by rldubour



If I could fly

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If I could fly much like a bird soaring through the sky.

Can only imagine the view of life, the view from way up high.

And learn from all the sites I see, would hold everything inside.

To view our world beneath our feet and let nothing pass me by.

From the eagles to the hummingbirds view both big and small.

And learn how Mother Nature provides for one and all.

Or follow the smallest stream flowing into the rivers side.

This I would do, if only I could fly.

If I could float much like a cloud as it slowly passes by.

And view the world just as it is, I would have to dry my eyes.

As I look down upon our life viewing so much famine and the strife.

Wars, crime and violence all this I would see in life.

Someday man might find the answer to right all the wrongs.

Why do those live like this? we are not here all that long.

May the clouds be filled with happiness this I wish to find.

Then peace would fill man’s soul and their hearts and mind.

If I could fly like a jet, a jet with great speed,

I would find all the poor and give them what they need.

And rid our world with certain words like greed.

Exactly how much is enough? this some fail to see.

See in the hearts of hunger, pain and misery.

Yet, we continue killing this is the mankind that I see.

I believe in religion but something is very wrong.

If there was only one religion than all would get along.

If I had the power and the mystical force.

I would change our life’s direction and charter a new course.

Make all men and women see that we have but just one life.

I’d implant the values in all of what is right.

Freedom of their choices and let them decide.

This I would do, if I could fly.


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