Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2017

Call Me Your Master piece~by Hela Tekali



Call Me Your Master piece

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Call me your Master piece
For I am the creation of your own Art
You have sculpted every piece of me
Painted it with Mosaics of your Muse
Stained it with your art of pleasure
Leaving sometimes marks of bruises on my face
Now I am a disfigured statue
The product of self destruction and torture
My breast ,my neck,my womb are marked with stains
With your sweet tongue you mark my heart with kisses
Sometimes it’s intimate but there are times it’s cold
With your tongue sometimes you taste me but there are times you bite
You pour your ecstasy all over me but there are times you induce me with your poison
With your pretty words you make me high
Seductive and beautiful
But at times you stab my heart like a knife
Because I know it’s just a lie.
So you call me your masterpiece
I am left to shine or to freeze
For I am the creation of your blessing and disaster
I am the gift and the curse
I am the statue and the naked woman
My nudity will it be graced
My Dented Halo will it be resurrected
For your sculpture and masterpiece to be hailed
As a chef-d’oeuvre of your own Art.

Jenayah hela
@spiritual poetry


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