Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2017

Knowing your American Heroes ~ Molly Pitcher (1754-1832) ~ by rldubour

Friday!! Time for a American Hero!! Today is:


Knowing your American Heroes

Molly Pitcher (1754-1832)

Image result for Molly Pitcher (1754-1832)

Born to German immigrants

October thirteenth, seventeen-fifty-four.

A heroin for her country

In the Revolutionary War.

Birth name is Mary Ludwig

Wanted to be a professional maid.

Worked for Dr. William Irvine

Until she married John Casper Hayes.

John Hayes was a soldier in the

4th Artillery Regiment.

The couple shadowed one another

Onto the field of battlement.


During the battle of Monmouth

Mary brought water to thirsty soldiers.

Given the name Molly Pitcher

In war she was a great enhancer.

When John was manning his cannon

Molly’s acts did not stop.

He collapsed from heat exhaustion

His position she did swap.

For her acts of courage

George Washington did compliment.

She earned the name of “Sergeant”

In the 4th Artillery Regiment.

Hayes died in seventeen-eighty-eight

A second husband named John McCauly.

She lost him in eighteen-thirteen

In twenty-two earned her nurse degree.

Moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Was awarded an annual pension.

For her acts of heroism

Washington issued for her retention.

Mary died the twenty-second

January, eighteen-thirty-two.

Not only was she a war hero

But a loyal wife and hard worker too.

Her name on a U.S. postage stamp.

From Pa. to Maryland a highway.

The Liberty ship SS Molly Pitcher

A true heroin in her day.


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