Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2017

THE RAINBOW~by Nakshatra Singh




I long for your arrival,
When you are not around,
Clouds of pain and hope,
Fight hard with roars and flash,
But rain not till you come.
I shower my unbound love,
When you fill my world,
Clouds burst, pain is gone,
And it rains, never to stop,
Washed is every stain of pain,
Bathed in joy is my very being.
I, standing in the doorway,
Wipe the large falling tears,
When gone o beloved you are,
Clouds gone, rains gone,
In the clear scorching sky,
Those rolling dew drops,
Falling down on my cheeks,
Aha, see the lovely rainbow..

By – Nakshatra Singh

PS : Life has rainbows, of every colour.

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh


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