Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 20, 2017

Before I die~by rldubour



Before I die

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I love this life in which I live someday I must decide.

On how I want my name be said, after the day I die.

No not when the angels come to guide me by the hand.

I just know that they do for every woman and every man.

What if I have not completed the goals which I have set?

Can I say that I’m not going and refuse to take that step?

I wonder what would happen. If I just said no.

Would I be left to earthly bound forever a lost soul?

All that can come later, I have to think for now

Thinking of those lose ends and get them done somehow.

Once that I am satisfied that my loved ones are secure.

Still won’t think I’m ready would like to travel a little more.

My memory will turn the clock back to when I was young.

Filled with energy and emotions, playing sports was number one.

The clock now moving forward never thinking once to pause.

I was mostly good but had times when I thought I had a cause.

I never started any trouble and tried always to walk away.

There was times when I could not, that’s all I’m going to say.

I was always one big flirt but never meant any harm.

At times I just could not resist in showing off my charm.

The clock I see it spinning the years are flashing by.

I know I have my family here, right here by my side.

My wife I will always love her still makes me feel aglow.

How did she put up with me? This I will never know.

I am proud of both my children and I love them so.

I hope that in their hearts they know and never let that go.

Plus my three grandchildren, I feel that they are mine.

That I am the proudest Grandpa until my end of time.

I love this life in which I live, someday I must decide.

On how I want my name said, after the day I die.

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