Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 20, 2017

The Ladder Of Hope~by Hela Tekali




The Ladder Of Hope

I’ve climbed the ladder of hope

Only to get meshed in the rope

So much has been done

And so many miles I have stoically run

I’ve just kept stumbling down

And have not reached the highest crown

Yet I’ve wiped all those pains filled with tears

And have succeeded to surmount my fears

I always dream of Love to flow

For more Waters of Life to blissfully glow

I need to see my dreams fly in the sky

The Circle of Birds with freedom grows high

From all those years I ‘ve learnt to be steadfast

Climbing the ladder of hope with Love ,Faith and Trust

I’ve washed away all my scars,

And finally reached to touch the brightest stars.

Jenayah hela
@spiritual poetry


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