Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2017

Different~by Hela Tekali




Walking on my own,
Finding a new home
Neither shall I feel the same
Nor turn my back with shame
For I have celebrated my rebirth
A newbaby born on earth
Let me be who I have become
Be the one to celebrate my glee
For I will never again turn my back
Out of the crowd, I feel free
I look back in disdain
To a world losing its brain
A world without morality
Missing touch with essence of religiosity
Choosing a depraved disparity
I am different from everyone
For wisdom is my plan
To stand out of the crowd
Calling for change, out loud
For if i keep the same footsteps
Mimicking and imitating the others
I will have my living spirit to bother
Preventing my intellect to rise
Jailing myself from being wise
My indifference is the key to my success
Watching others drown in ignorance
While pushing my soul to bless
My quencheless desire for knowledge
Will enable me to untie the chains
Of dependence
Trying to create myself will resurrect
My independence
Thirst for learning is a Bliss
Quench your unwatered soul with a soulful kiss
For wisdom is your way out of the crowd
To rise your head full of pride, and Cry out loud
: ” I am a newbaby born on earth,
For I have celebrated my rebirth! “

Jenayah Hela
Spiritual Poetry


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