Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2017

IT IS MY WISH~by Anil Kumar Panda




Image may contain: mountain, sky, flower, nature and outdoor

I watch the clouds
As they flit across the sky
Like vessels floating on a sea
I long to ride them
To be with stars and moon
And remain as free as I can be

I watch the birds
As they rush towards the clouds
And dapple the sheet of pure blue;
I wish I could fly like them
Away from worries and cares
And cherish wishes just a few;

I watch the virid creepers
Their carefree mood in the wind
As they stealthily ride against a wall;
I wish I have a heart full of joy
While battling worries of life
Without a shade caring for a fall;

I watch the hills sitting as seers
Meditating since eons under
Vast canopy of a changing sky;
I wish I could feel their peace
Gain love and wisdom before
My time will be over and I will die.

Copyright Reserved
@ Anil Kumar Panda 21/05/2017


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