Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2017

” OASIS ” # 172~by Michael Patton



” OASIS ” # 172

As the sun goes to bed I become a sunset silhoette.
Just another forgotten shadow on the cold hard cement.
There are creature that come to life that you don’t want to know.
There are terrors in the night that will freeze your very soul.

Under bridges and in abandoned cars.
Inside vacant buildings and underneath the stars.
Behind dumpsters in dark alley’s they will lay.
Any place to feel safe until the light of day.

I open my eyes to the new sunrise as it bakes my skin.
Extending my stay in hell as this new day begins.
I’m just another crusted human walking the streets.
An invisible ghost of a homeless man lost in the machine.

My first thoughts always seem to be of my rumbling gut.
And how I can get that sucker to finally shut up.
It’s been twenty-four hours since the last time I’ve eaten.
A half chewed ham and cheese outside the arborium.

I slither like a snake with my knife and forked tongue.
To carve my way through the maze of people looking for grub.
Sidwind to the back alley dumpsters all along restaurant row.
Cause the early bird don’t eat the worms in this scenario.

My belly is all full right now but the hunger never ends.
My brain is already planning my next meal inside my head.
That’s just one struggle in the life of a homeless man.
And that’s just one bubble in a smoldering cauldron.

I’ve been punched and kicked and verbally abused.
I’ve had people rob me blind and run off with my shoes.
I’ve had bottles thrown at me from the windows of cars.
Some barely missed me while others left scars.

People shouting at me all day ” Get a job bum” .
But how will they call me when I don’t have a phone?
How will I wash my cloths and how will I bathe?
How can I present myself as the future that I crave?

Most take this for granted, but to me they’re absolute.
Floating becomes a habit until you’re thrown into the pool.
Then it becomes sink or swim cause there is no other choice.
We need to hire a lifeguard to save all the girls and boys.

The most amazing thing to me and I’ve seen it every day.
Is how they seem to cope with life and smile along the way.
From winters below freezing to soaking rain in the spring.
When summer heat hits 90 and they seek out air conditioning.

From out of the blue you’ll see a genuine smile
A true hand of compassion to pull you from the pile.
Whether it’s a job for the day or a new pair of pants.
But mostly what they are offering you is a second chance.

Seems to me that we ought to be using this as a basis.
My friends and I would refer to them as our desert oasis.
The next time you see a homeless person living on the streets.
Be that person’s lone oasis and offer them up a drink.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2017


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