Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2017

Ron’s Imagination~by rldubour



Ron’s Imagination

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They say I must have a big imagination,

I think they must be right.

I think of things to write about

Every moment of my life.

Just me any topic and

I will sit and write about

My imagination will work overtime,

Instead of talk it wants to shout!

From trains to planes, boats to floats,

And topic that you choose.

And if it’s something special,

I will write it just for YOU!

When I write about my thoughts,

They are mine alone.

Not to persuade, just to say

My thoughts are clearly shown.

To everyone that likes it,

That’s encouragement for me.

To everyone who does not

Simply do not read.

Unlike other poets,

I like to rhyme with facts,

I can write on any subject

My imagination is never lax.

From romantic settings to ghostly nights,

Whatever’s in the mood.

Of birth or death and flowers best

From mountains to bar stools.

An imagination is truly good

Just say what comes to mind.

I never know where I might go,

Or just what I might find!


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