Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 22, 2017





Lost in your love
I find myself within the rhythm
Of my playing muse
So I wrote you a poem
With your name.
I painted every line
With a colorful letter
I inked them with kisses and passion
Holding that mosaic canvas
Close to my heart
The foundation of my art
Is you
The color of desire
Is me
The ink of love
Is both of us
Flowing slowly with
The current of emotion
I do not want to let go
That vision of love
So I pray to the heavens above
To grant me some time more
For me to use
Just to be your muse
To spill the bleeding desire
Where my heart is kept enthralled
And practicing romance
With a sweet sense of love
If heaven could only wait for us.

Jenayah Hela
@ Spiritual Poetry
Could heavens wait



  1. Very nicely written, great flow and real display of emotions!
    good luck and keep writing!
    I’ll be grateful if you could check out some of my works too 🙂

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