Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 22, 2017

LOVE EXPRESSION~by Shalini Singh




I am talking about expressions which can be deceptive,
I wish to see and assess things with a totally different perspective,
Each time l think and reach conclusion l become more speculative,
l don’t wish to intrude the flow of thoughts so l give them a warm reception,
You know l always nestled love and dreamt of this love reaction,
I know l have been foolish to be convinced with such deception,
My feelings and emotions rule me l am under total subjection,
Strangely l am getting fond of the thrill and chill of this rejection,
Such feelings of confusion reign me and l follow them without question,
I seem to be walking on a path so deceptive and it was not my intention,
When l seem to loose my way, you stand there giving me direction,
At times you hold me away saying that l need to perceive an invisible connection,
I loose trust when unable to view and blame life and its imperfection,
Very soon l regain control and again reconstruct my faith with conviction,
My dreamy nature creates an illusion and feeds my obsession,
I wear the mask of deception and dodge my own reflection,
Though love brings everlasting pain but it never fails to retain its pious position,
I feel bliss in my ignorance and survive in my divine recollection,
your smile soothes my mind in despair and from vain thoughts it offers protection,
Am l witnessing my soul’s evolution or is it some kind of self deception?
What hopes the heart nurtures may be brushed aside as a futile conception,
I see the reflection of my perception in you and l know its no deception,
Though l find myself lost and struggling in this state of affection,
I tend to reach conclusions which might lead to a different meaning or translation,
I still believe in the existence of true love and my words never fail in their truest expression.

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