Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2017

Blessed Redemption~by Sanjib Das



Blessed Redemption

Walking past seashore
Where children played with sand and shells
All such merriments are futile to naughts, I heard me murmuring
Entered a Casuarina and then a Mango grove
Everywhere I found my Grandfather and Great Grandfather
Raised their heads of strong protests
My helpless mind looked for a parking- lot but dismayed by sodden land
Standing on my rickety legs did I face many negativities huddled together
With the sassiest mind temporarily I demonstrated my callous negligence
To pleasantly receive mind soothing cadence from distant land
A confusing question peeped into my mind: “Whether Body is greater than Soul,
It can’t be acceptable” my convinced reply echoed
When a body appeared a furlong away demanding empathy
But as it was draped in its shroud
Ready for a funeral, could hardly speak in protest
Soul had departed and mouth silenced
Rain had disappeared and the spring gone through season’s wind
Probably winter tried to pitch its tent
But queerly, sky started shining
Stars brightened my existence, many flowers started blossoming
All through my mortal body
When mustering enough courage I asked my Grandfather
“ Why is the life so painful with so many pricking thorns
Why do I pass through the path of terrible miseries?”
But this noble soul very gracefully pointed me at
The great spiritual blessings I had so fortunately gained
Not by my own deeds but through the grace of the the Blessed Lamb
That helped me to attain Salvation in my precious life from the
Sacrificial Holy blood-drops cleansing all my filthy sins
I bowed my humbled head in heartfelt gratitude in sinless heart
To Grandfather and my Heavenly Father smiling at me with enormous love
My life then was poured with bounty of happiness and peace of mind within.

Rights ® Reserved : Sanjib Das


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