Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2017

Brother Dear~by Sanjib Das



Brother Dear

Come my brother dear
See my dwelling place where darkness dances
Come and see the sky within where sadness shuts eyes
Come to find how an invisible hammer strikes my penury
You have never visited in my hey days my home when it dazzled once
When my girl used to sparkle hundred furnished rooms
Come to see how my eyes are blurred
By greasy patches of clouds
Sands of moonlight no longer catch eyes
And how pathetically I am entangled with miseries of time
Come to find the peculiar way how silence no more echoes
When she departed and never returned
When dawn descends to consciousness
And I , to my dismay, find you also to have left for heavenly abode
I fail to find anything that leaves to mean living
Deadness haunting all around
My miseries have touched the horizon for mourning.
All ® rights reserved : Sanjib Das
( My fifth brother Sujit Kumar Das at 63, was promoted to glory at Bhubaneswar, Odisha on May 8,2017)


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