Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2017





From early days of marriage, my dear,
We quarreled on each and every thing dear
You wanted too many children, no?
I insisted on only one or two maximum.
You quarreled on what and how I wear
I quarreled on your late arrivals here
You quarreled on food, excess salt I add
I quarreled on your accusations of my dad
You quarreled on mischief acts of children
I quarreled on washing machine’s hell run
You quarreled on my purchases from bakery
I quarreled on your spending on brewery
You quarreled on my courting relatives
I quarreled on your quoting expletives
You quarreled on my inquiry on savings
I quarreled on your lavish on siblings
We quarreled on almost all things possible
Still we loved each other as much as feasible
You even used to threaten me of tying up
Now you lay in front of me, chin, thumbs tied up
You always asked me to shut my mouth up
Now you lay in front of me, shut your eyes
I am yelling, trying to wake you up, crying
Asking to stand up, pull me up, quarrel
Instead, someone else now pulling me back
Trying to pacify me but how come I can calm?
You do know how much we loved our quarrel
It was not quarrel, they call it surreal!
As we shared everything, including quarrel,
Now it is my turn to share my heart beat, dear,
If you could share, spare me a bit more tear!


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