Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2017

Unexplainable ~by Nandita Samanta




I’m not sure why I glanced back
Walking down the gravel footpath as
You wheeled out of the concrete driveway.

Seemed you were a figure from a myth,
From one of my poems, Hades or Zeus
Marking my passage to the other world.

In the vanishing light and the light rain.
Your presence evanescence felt like fresh zephyr
Already, that has made my day more bearable.

I felt a stirring loneliness in you
A current, a small gust of wind,
Not ghostly! but the ghost of a feeling, a shiver
Which you might have missed altogether!

Yes! That shiver traveled down my spine,
I felt the cold touch of death, coxing each cell
To freeze, lay in the arms of a
cold blooded assassin.

Or maybe, you were just another way
Of distracting myself from the burial,
From waiting in clumsy silence, like a numb body.

Came to stand with other mourners,
To be one amongst all the forlorn
Gathered at the crematory without,
A priest to lead the prayer.
To be a God, to the Godless !

Oh! Nothing is explainable, except the way we looked for a few seconds into each other’s eye.


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