Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2017

Lucky~by Stephen Miles




Shakespeare travelled the world
by book
landscaping literature for centuries
propagating words, turning over phrase
a boat launched sailing slaves
depositing convicts, lynching cowboys
in the nest of crows no vision
to be found
an apocalyptical event, putting pay
to a religious grammatical monopoly
sand bars tempered the cull
while cherubs spoke sweet word
a Mauritius Dodo of the time
waddling, ill prepared and undefended
against an unknowing of status
In Paris France beauty embraced architecture
Victor Hugo launched a hunched back In Notre Dame
deploying Quasimodo to defend Esmerelda, a
gargoyle swinging from gargoyle
watching across La Seine Shakespeare
smiles, safe in his out post, Rue de la Bucherie.
In 2009 I wander his corridors, treacle’ing over
the work he inspired
“Ulysses” Joyce shouts, not wanting
predictability in the annals of eureka
to my cost the Euro or French Franc (FF)
I paid, anticipating nothing
a gold nugget nestled in page 518
millions need food, safe water, Oxfam is there
please donate
in neat pencil written on the reverse
you lucky bastard I wish I was reading
this for the first time.


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