Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2017





Down into timeless depth
Many visions transcript history of life
In twilight or wee hours
Boy dreams in a trance
Chirping of birds breaking loose
Dumbness of this fearful mind
Can never remain unchanged for ever
Dreams of clay on Potter’s Wheel
To be given a proper shape to his liking
Dreams also the boy how :
God, may be out of boredom, needed companion
Resulting in creation of mankind in His own image
Breathing into nostrils in image of clay
Adam was created
Eve followed as Adam’s sweet companion
Man sinned against God
Tempted by Serpent through Eve to eat the forbidden fruit
They both were driven out of Garden of Eden
God probably repented for His own creation.
xxx xxx xxx
Dream continues further
Man seeks momentary pleasure very eagerly
Clouds of desires, passions and lust
Clasped the bosom, heart, mind and soul to corrupt all
Man runs after the winds of season
Rushing into garden of evil spirits
Silence everywhere but devoid of light.
xxx xxx xxx
When wickedness of man on earth crossed all horizons
Hearts filled with evil freedom
Spewing eroticism, and deadly venom
God grieved that He created this creature called man
“ I will wipe out mankind whom I have created”
But Noah’s Ark sheltered righteous Noah and his family
Sevens of clean and twos of unclean
All creatures found protection when
All springs of great deep burst forth
Floodgates of heavens opened
All evil creation wiped out except all those inside Noah’s Ark.
xxx xxx xxx
Blood storms from heart to veins
Life allowed to survive.
xxx xxx xxx
Richard III, sent various wicked schemes into motion
Clarence, the legal heir, imprisoned in Tower of London
Evil designs of Richard III
Consequently created pains in Queen Elizabeth
Sickly King Edward IV and also widowed Anne
God certainly repented for His own creations.
xxx xxx xxx
Question comes to mind as to who remains here unscathed
Old fear of God’s destruction through the devastating flood
Always haunts mind of mankind.
Yet, the lion roars within
With all eagerness to own all within sight.
He is no better than that of Emperor Aurangzeb
Who never hesitated to send his own father
Emperor Shahjahan to prison in Fort’s cursed dungeon
Old Shahenshah left alone in tears full of agony
Staring from afar at Taj Mahal, tomb of his beloved wife
xxx xxx xxx
When sky falls asunder
Man hardly understands
That he can stoop as low as possible for his own vested interest.
Sprawling over sand in Sea Shore
The feet dipping down and down and down
Man enters into earth crust
To be buried alive in heavy burdens
Of his own sins of wickedness.

All rights ® reserved : Sanjib Das


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