Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2017

“Roof Over My Head”~by Rick Halliburton



“Roof Over My Head”

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Massive beam running o’r my head
As I see sea ships drifting near my bed
Hulls strong fast pounding at the waves
While my mind wonders of long lost days
Grains and knots of trees gone by
Ships at sea sails hurling starched on high
Waves and clouds go by
Earth meets sky through rafters wrought
How strong how safe from space above…?.
And rain…how many drops o’r time ?
My mind wonders of such things
As I lay in bed and day meets night
And I take in this sight o’r my head above
My bed
At the roof over my head.
Nothing between me and
But thee oh noble framework cast
Above me and now my love at last..
With me…still my mind thinks of
Lives long gone still giving to lives again
As the endless cycle will be to the end
Of time…I glance and glance again..
Structure strengthens as I look and then
A peace of mind comes over me
Like a tree..a rock. a mountain standing o’r me nothing else is said
As I ponder…as I wonder.
Of the view of the roof above my head
As I lay in bed … words left to be said

Rick Halliburton 2016.


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