Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2017

“These Old Hands”~by Rick Halliburton



“These Old Hands”

These old hands weren’t wrinkled once
Upon a time when life was new
When youth was not in memory but reality in myself
And I wandered free
These old hands have grasped at tasks over and over and over again and lifted weights unbearable but in the end manageable and finished
What was necessary and now in retrospect
I gaze upon these old hands and reflect
Wonders upon wonders and wonderful feelings
With these two hands mine and mine alone having been touched by many other hands
And as time passes…the tasks amassed from what was asked…and asked again and again ..wrinkle upon wrinkle…..have amazed me so..from these old two old friends…these old hands…

Rick Halliburton 2016


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