Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2017

up blue!~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



up blue!

blue. is everything. everything that comes

who says down is blue? if you wish to know
where i speak from. it is the sky.

the sky is blue. i repeat. the sky is

so tell the green gods who flaunt feats
over the pride of purple people that they were once
yells of yellows.

is it not love that blue clothes in grays and rains
for greens? is it not love that blue bleeds
on red devils for the rise of purple?

tell the yellow sun to be grateful.
is it not on the skin of blue you find your bed?

blue is love.

not the reds that flourish on vain valentines. or the language on
the tongues of false fire.

love. is blue. for room to the orange sun. duvets of whites.
and the cream of the moon.

love. is blue. when i open the pink smiles of my mother.

a lover’s eyes
are roads of sapphires. love. is blue. when she whispers
my ears. i am blue.

so when blue falls and folds in the storms. do not
exult. do not play pratfalls. or the
the drums of a downfall. sing a blue rising.

say up blue!

again. say.

up blue!

you don’t want to miss the rainbow party!

Ayoola Goodness ©2017


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