Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2017

AN IMAGE~by Aniruddha Mitra




The beauty of her image,
the crescent moon
often fascinates me
in an unknown attraction .
Sometimes I am simply
lost in her nice beckoning
eyes full of silent words.
Her smiling face creates
a beautiful sense of glee.
I feel her presence amidst
this beautiful image.
While at day break birds
fly to their nests , I look
at the flickering lamp
trying to glow your face
amidst such twilight .
But you look still beautiful,
An enigmatic fairy indeed.
Fragrance of flower ,as it were,
making me lost in wonder.
Are you leading me to a
dreamland of your own ?
Where the Spring reigns
forever in its beauty .
Do I awake or I was lost
in a funny dream that
took me away to you
still hanging on the
wall in glee unknown.

Copyright @Aniruddha Mitra


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