Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2017

Cake~by Stephen Miles




When will you love another?
Wednesdays are good
little choice on TV, cut backs
as they are, repeat after repeat
your needs are obvious, freely expressed
I like speculation being eliminated
exclaims of standing, knowing
a certainty of kind
conclusions of foregone without price
a treasure pot
vessel to treasure, such as tea pot
accompanied and enjoyed as such
taking of the tea, leafed not bagged
strained, and with hints of milk and honey
a slice of cake, where choice is paramount
a not too rich and a not too heavy
meringues more weekend, ostentatious
date and walnut, solemn, a Monday’s funeral
tarts by name, a Friday fun by nature
no! Wednesdays are a madeira
fluffy, moist, reserved, appropriate fair
refreshments important, aids reflections
I deem the inclusion of another
merits pause merits cake
my own needs are secondary
an inconsequential unworthy of mention
although I will expect respect
courtesy of notification, accompanied by cake
I promise no histrionics, melodramatics of candour
only patience, tolerance and understandings
one day, twenty, maybe more, years from today,
we’ll talk again, you’ll tell granddad and we’ll eat cake.


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