Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2017

TIME~by Shalini Singh




Time is fleeting; time is precious often we hear and say,
Time is appeasing, feel like embracing when we are cheerful and gay,
Time is atrocious, brutal and monstrous when heart is going through pain,
Time is deceiving, nasty and ghastly wrongly entrusted and we receive no gain,

Time seems eternal when one is subjected to everlasting and endless wait,
Time seems unaware, ruthless and ignorant , poses a scornful gait,
Feeling agitated , disheartened and cheated one takes out a dagger to kill,
Somewhere unnerved , dismal and eccentric, one babbles a heart -rending shrill,

Time seems still when one is lost in a warm and comforting embrace,
While eyes get engaged in ardent talks , words seem to maintain a tranquil grace,
Time is healing , caressing and consoling to the dejected souls,
Though time itself guilty of dodging and tricking the once rejected souls,

Time seems in haste , flying and galloping, as if involved in a chase,
Waiting for no one, solely and lonely, one passes sadly through this phase ,
Time is reliable , worthy of being a loyal and devoted friend,
Generous to grant us a few magical moments , i guess! the journey is about to end.

Shalini singh


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