Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2017

THE OCEAN~by Balachandran Nair




I am ocean, always in motion
Guessed why I’m saline?
It is all tears, feminine!
First they tried, to
Get her embryo swept
Inside womb, girl I wept
On birth pain, mother wept
Saw girl child, m-i-law wept.
On sex discrimination,
Her childhood wept
On paucity of dowry
Her teenage wept
On lurking lure of society
Her womanhood wept
Seeing her weeping
Always and every time
Tear itself wept, built
Its beehive inside her eyes.
For the wholly rusty
Remorseless bane manhood
She always seemed feckless doll
She was everywhere ever
Supposed to weep
Though men say, a lie,
They suppress it deep.
Her tear, for them, a scale,
A measurement of love.
So she shed it, poured it,
Tirelessly for centuries.
Never rested, never wasted,
God preserved it as ocean.
Proud man, you seldom
Taste your own tear
So myself make you taste
The flavour of your hate
Which once you christened Salt,
A Son of your incessant insults.



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