Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2017

HALF COOKED~by Balachandran Nair




Although in military
I fought no big wars
Once on going back from leave
Our convoy was ambushed
Few were killed in explosion
We, injured were caught alive
Abducted by militants,
With all arms and ammunition.
Dragged to deep forest
They killed one by one brutally.
I pleaded I was a mere cook,
They kept me for labor.
I cooked for crooked
For almost four months
I being a chronic diabetic,
My wound worsened, swelled.
Blindfolded, they put me in hosp.
Duly threatening of their hide-out!
I kept silent, got amputated knee high
Short of money, man power,
I was thrown out half-cooked, half leg!
I can’t go back to military
Alas! Fraught of Court Martial,
Could brand me a treacherous crook!
I can’t go back to my home even
As my family will be put to
Surrender all benefits they got
On behalf of this brave post-martyr
See, unlike those old bad days
Now the benefits are handsome, too.
Let my wife, children enjoy now
They could have cried their heart out
Seeing human remains in wrapper,
They believed it was me!
And God bless the real one.
I’m in pain, begging in sun shine
Still I smile, for not letting my family know
That I was cook, one of lowest rung,
But because it my life was spared,
And I leave it here, half cooked!




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