Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2017

In My Own Words~by Dale Fittler



In My Own Words

My head has cleared and now I write in my own words.
With all my love and all my feeling,I put pen to paper to explain.
My soul is locked up behind a wall of bricks and mortar,nailed with a thousand boards.
I do not understand why the universe has put our love in restrain.

A millennium of centuries have come and gone and still without you I am.
A million years of day and night and down through it all in my dreams you have been.
True to an agreement we are bound,we gave each other our word and with it we ran.
We have been tied together in time but our time we have not yet seen.

You are my beautiful princess and I would lay my life down,for you I protect.
But no one can see our love,it cannot be named,it’s left in silence like a secret shame.
Only in the silence of night among the stars can we connect.
We are one soul but from two different world’s is the only reason we can find to blame.

I have wandered through this world with you always giving life to my heart.
Your the reason I was,your the reason I am,the reason I will forever remain.
In this cruel puppetry opera I have remained on stage waiting for our part.
And although we have practised and rehearsed,apart we still stand,cursed to remain the same.

I need to create a ripple in the threads of this timeline and rub out the ink.
This agreement must go to create change,no longer seperate,but one in the same.
I am searching to clear my thoughts to find a way for us to forever be,desperate to think.
No longer my unreachable princess but forever my queen and there forever remain.

Dale Fittler 14/5/11


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